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Art of Making Marks - Book

Ric Holland - Authored a limited edition book title that traces the history of Wacom's innovations with

Natural User Interface (NUI) tools in the hands of professionals across a wide range of creative fields.

Ric Holland's blog and from 2008 as Global Evangelist Manager at Wacom

is where he gathered many interviews and much research on Natural User Interface developments

while writing the book Art of Making Marks as Wacom's 25 Year anniversary.

The above URLs now redirect to this page but you can still see the original homepage history at Github.


Advanced Photoshop Magazine reviewed the book and this is what they said.

Author - Ric Holland

Wacom celebrates 25 years of excellence with this inspiring limited-edition resource.

This title presents some of the world's foremost design pioneers and innovators who use Wacom

digital drawing devices. A mixed bag of commercial creative culture and aesthetic delights.

Wacom has come a very long way and this limited-edition title reveals how it has carried artists along with it. Interesting and truly inspiring.

Ric Holland's discussions with digital pioneers and innovators in Art of Making Marks cover future concepts

and the use of expressive Natural User Interface technology for connecting humans with creative tools and techniques. His research at UNSW surveys AR/VR (XR), NUI and other Spatial Computing technologies for qualitative observations of human skills transfer between two subjects immersed in expressive

XR Prosthesis Systems to identify a 'Master and Apprentice' accelerated skills learning model.

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SpaceTime XR

SpaceTime is a unique collaboration platform that allows project developers anywhere in the world to access 3D data and collaborate on projects along a timeline using both AR and VR devices or various telecommunications options.


XR Collaboration Resource Guide

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Extreme Digital Ventures

Extreme Digital Ventures is a project development and early stage VC consultancy for immersive, spatial, and intelligent computing in consumer and enterprise sectors.


Visospace is working on the future of human-computer interaction. For spatial computing mediums (VR and AR) to emerge into ubiquity, the right user-interfaces need to be developed, just as the mouse and keyboard were for personal computers. We are working to create solutions for businesses and consumers to get value from these powerful mediums..




TribeTech is a team of technology experts providing enterprise-level IT and information security services to small and mid-sized businesses. With TribeTech small teams, or ‘tribes’, are responsible for delivering on promises and solving your business’s problems from day zero. That means you deal with the same people for everything.

Red Cartel

One of Australia’s leading VR, AR & Real-time 3D production agencies, Red Cartel delivers premium animated interactive content and specialising in experiential VR, location-based entertainment and XR content for Games, Venues, Education and Enterprise Solutions.

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