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Ric Holland - Extreme Digital Media

40 years delivering design & technology innovation and disrupting how things are done. Extreme Digital Media -

Ric is Spatial Computing specialist and for many years has been proactive in promoting the Virtual/Augmented Reality (XR) development community in Australia. He was the founding sponsor of one of the largest global AR/VR meet-ups prior to co-founding Extreme Digital Ventures, dedicated to XR investment in Asia Pacific.

Featured in this video are the many events and projects Ric Holland has become known for including:

  • Extreme Digital Media -

  • Extreme Digital Ventures -

  • XR Meetings -

  • AR & VR Meetups

  • Offis Multi-Cloud Innovation

  • SkunkMonk - Creative Technologists

  • ISV Speakeasy - Application Developers

  • eClub - Business and Technology Innovation

  • Ninefold - Macquarie Telecom

  • Wacom Technology - (Art of Making Marks)

  • 301 Interactive - Studios 301

  • IBM - Interactive Branding and Design

  • MetaCreations Corporation

  • Extreme Digital - Digital Design Agency

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