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SkunkMonk Launch Event 2012

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Offis CEO and eClub Champion Chy explained the origins of the term SkunkMonk at Sydney's first SkunkMonk event at Sokyo Restaurant in Pyrmont. Industry showcases and a panel of speakers included Creative Technologist Ric Holland.

"Skunkworks is a term that we often hear used to describe a project that is in development for developments sake, to simply explore, discover, learn and see what kind of magic can be created. Within those environments, technology comes together with creativity and hopefully turns into something that can be delivered for the betterment of the business. Through this process, we all need people to light the way, determine the right path to follow, keep everyone honest and be a trusted source of truth. To be something of a Monk, if you will. That's you. You are all SkunkMonks!"

Marketing & Events: Ric Holland CMO - Offis Multi-Cloud Services

More event details: Event


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