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Marketing Automation - Why Cloud Matters to Marketers: Skunkmonk August 2015

Build Viral Social & Mobile Campaigns and avoid Success Disasters at SkunkMonk on 20th August L'Aqua - Gold Room, The Roof Terrace - Cockle Bay Wharf - Darling Harbour

Chy Chuawiwat - Offis Cloud Services CEO presented for Kim Weins VP Marketing at RightScale on Why Cloud Matters to Marketers.

SkunkMonk sponsor - Dynatrace with Dave Anderson Snr Director, Marketing APAC will present mobile and website performance testing technology.

Presentations were followed by a panel discussion on marketing automation with special guest Jonathan Crossfield - Digital marketer, Journalist, Social media consultant, Workshop trainer, Event speaker and Opinionated blogger.

More info: Marketing departments are dependent on technology to drive their critical online, social, and mobile marketing initiatives. Increasingly they are turning to Cloud Computing to provide the speed and scale necessary to support successful campaigns.

This event is perfect for CMOs, Product Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Campaign Managers, Technical Directors, Creative Technologists and anyone providing IT infrastructure to Marketers.

Caroline Pemberton was MC for another engaging SkunkMonk evening. Networking and sharing the latest in the good, the bad and the ugly of digital marketing.

SkunkMonk events are created by Offis Cloud Services for Creative Technologists and Digital Marketers and continue to gain recognition as a place where creative and technical people gather to discuss industry trends, share ideas, techniques & technology to gain insights in a friendly community of enthusiastic digital practitioners.

Audience involvement is always the fun part of SkunkMonk because it's about you and what effects your industry, your life and your awesomeness.

Marketing and Events - Ric Holland CMO - Offis Cloud Solutions

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