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Marketing & Events: Ric Holland CMO - Offis Cloud Solutions 2015

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Future Shock: Are you the Innovator or the Disrupted?

With all of the current business talk of innovation and disruption, it’s never been more important for businesses to be guided by possible futures instead of a disappearing past. If we are to become the drivers of change instead of the victims, we need to look further ahead than just the ‘top tech trends for 2016’!

eClub is one of Sydney's premier IT community event series spanning well over a decade and delivering the latest information, insights and discussions with IT industry professionals.

eClub Xmas Party combines Offis communities, SkunkMonk and ISV Speakeasy to deliver a gala end of year business event for all to enjoy.

Special Guest - Ron Cobb, Hollywood creative legend, has contributed conceptual thinking to films such as Star Wars, Back to the Future, ET, Alien, Aliens, Close Encounters, The Abyss, Total Recall, True Lies, Firefly and many more.

Sometimes it takes a sci-fi mind to reveal where we really are today. The sci-fi world of Back to the Future is now set in our past. The movie made many technology predictions. Some came true, while others were wildly off the mark. (Where’s my flying car?)

MC: Renee Brack

Speakers: Chy Chuawiwat - CEO Offis Pty Ltd

Craig Allen - Founder Offis Pty Ltd Innovation

Panel: Annalie Killian - Founder, Curator & Exec Producer - Amplify Festival

Joanne Jacobs - Digital Strategist, Director - Disruptor’s Handbook

Anet Redmer - UX & Lean Startup Methodologist. Designer - Redmera

Dr Jordan Nguyen - Biomedical Engineer & Social Entrepreneur CEO - Psykinetic

Marketing & Event Production: Ric Holland CMO - Offis Multi-Cloud Services

After a engaging and thought provoking panel discussion we then moved into networking, music and even dance mode with Craig Calhoun's band doing his awesome thing with a very new sound surprise with his Son and DJ Robust.

Venue: Cockle Bay Wharf - Dockside Darling Harbour

Video Production: Page2

More event details:

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